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JPW 2019
February 15-17, 2019

2019 Schedule of Events
View the JPW Schedule of Events here.

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Weekend Attire
Find information about weekend attire here.

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Ticket Distribution
LaFortune Sorin Room

Tues, Feb. 12, 7-10 pm
Wed, Feb. 13, 7-10 pm
Thur, Feb. 14, 7-10 pm

Ticket distribution
for registered students
begins on Tues, Feb. 12
in the LaFortune
Sorin Room. On-site registration will also be available.

Hospitality Room
LaFortune Sorin Room
Fri, Feb. 15, 1-7 pm
Sat, Feb. 16, 11 am-3 pm

Ticket distribution
continues throughout
the weekend in the
JPW Hospitality Room.
On-site registration
is also available.

Updated 11/2/18

|| Weekend Attire ||

There are no formal obligations for specific attire to be worn by parents and juniors at any of the JPW events, but each ticketed event features recommended attire. Please refer to the descriptions below for suggestions.

Gala Attire

The Gala is the formal opening of the weekend. Pant suits or dresses for women and suits or jackets with ties for men are recommended.

Mass/Dinner Attire

The Dinner is a step less formal than the Gala. Pant suits or dresses for women and suits or jacket with ties for men are recommended. The Dinner follows immediately after Mass.

Brunch Attire

The Brunch atmosphere is business-casual. Sweaters with skirts or dress pants for women and sweaters or jackets with khakis for men are recommended.





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