Philosophy 93507: Perception
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Date Topic Reading
Monday, January 23 [class canceled]
Monday, January 30 What is perceptual content?
What is phenomenal character?
MS., Ch. 1
Siegel, The Content of Visual Experience (excerpt)
extra readings
Monday, February 6 Varieties of intentionalism; the transparency of experience; an argument for interpersonal intramodal intentionalism

MS., Chs. 2-8

Block, "Sexism, racism, ageism, and the nature of consciousness"

Byrne, "Intentionalism defended"

extra readings
Monday, February 13

More on the time and memory constraints; nonconceptual content and intermodal intentionalism

MS., Chs. 9-12

Thompson, "Senses for senses"

extra readings
Monday, February 20

Fregeanism vs. Russellianism about perceptual content; Fregeanism about the content of thought

MS., Ch. 13

Tye, "Nonconceptual content, richness, and fineness of grain"

Roskies, "A new argument for nonconceptual content"

Johnston, "The obscure object of hallucination"

extra readings
Monday, February 27 Perceptual representation & availability for thought; arguments against the availability requirement; perceptual representation of objects

MS., Chs. 14-15
Siegel, "Which properties are represented in perception?"

Tye, "The admissible contents of visual experience"

extra readings
Monday, March 5 Independence and fallibility; perceptual representation of properties: natural kinds, appearance property-ism, color relativism

MS., Ch. 19

Cohen, The Red and the Real (excerpt)

Shoemaker, "Phenomenal character"

extra readings
Spring break
Monday, March 19 Wrapping up spectrum inversion; issues in the metaphysics of propositions: unity, modality, and indexicality

MS., Chs. 20-23

Russell, The Principles of Mathematics (excerpt)

Plantinga, "On existentialism"

Perry, "The problem of the essential indexical"

Monday, March 26 Phenomenal relations; distinctions between the senses and bodily sensation types

MS., Chs. 24-26

O'Callaghan, "Crossmodal illusions"

extra readings

Monday, April 2 Attention and aspect switches; three views of the relationship between phenomenal and representational properties MS., Ch. 27 & Ch. 28
Nickel, "Against intentionalism"
Macpherson, "Ambiguous figures and the content of experience"
extra readings
Easter break
Monday, April 16 Phenomenal content

MS., Chs. 31-34
Phillips, "Indiscriminability and experience of change"

Hawthorne & Kokavich, "Disjunctivism"

Williamson, Knowledge and its Limits (ch. 4)

Graff Fara, "Phenomenal continua and the sorites"
De Clerq & Horsten, "Perceptual indiscriminability: in defence of Wright's proof"

Monday, April 23 Indistinguishable phenomenal properties; functionalist theories of phenomenal properties; theories of content MS., Ch. 35-8
Tye, Consciousness, Color, and Content
Byrne ,"Don't PANIC"
Pautz, "Do theories of consciousness rest on a mistake?"
Monday, April 30 Distinguishing phenomenal and non-phenomenal relations;distinctions between phenomenal relations; biological theories of content

Putnam, "Psychological predicates"

Pautz, "Why consciousness cannot just be in the head"


May 7 Term papers due