Philosophy 43916: Natural language semantics
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Date Topic Reading Assignments
W 8/22 Introduction to semantics none
M 8/27 Some basic concepts of syntax; semantic values and truth conditions none
extra readings
Problem set #1
W 8/29 A rule-to-rule semantics for a simple language M&G 69-87
M 9/3 Type-driven interpretation and functional application M&G 87-98 Problem set #2
W 9/5 Quantification in the predicate calculus M&G 113-147
M 9/10 Introduction to quantifier movement and quantification in English M&G 147-168
extra readings
W 9/12 More on quantification in English none Problem set #3
M 9/17 Further issues involving 'a' and 'the'; basics of pronouns and anaphora M&G 168-186
extra readings
W 9/19 More on pronouns and anaphora none
M 9/24 Intensionality M&G 257-279
W 9/26 Tense M&G 279-294
extra readings
M 10/1 Modals M&G 294-302
W 10/3 Finish up modals & review for midterm
M 10/8
[class canceled]
W 10/10
Midterm exam
Fall break
M 10/22 Modifiers: adjectives and adverbs M&G § 8.3.1-2
W 10/24 Complementation M&G 303-320
M 10/29 Puzzles of attitude ascriptions Kripke, "A Puzzle About Belief"
W 10/31 Finishing up attitude ascriptions M&G 329-349 Problem set #4
M 11/5 Indexicals M&G 329-349
W 11/7 Presupposition M&G 349-389
extra readings
M 11/12 Lambda abstraction and its uses M&G 391-429
W 11/14 Indicative conditionals Gillies, "Indicative conditionals"
extra readings
M 11/19 Plurals Nickel, "Plurals"
extra readings
Thanksgiving break
M 11/26
[class canceled]
W 11/28
[class canceled]
M 12/3 Generalized quantifiers M&G § 9
M 12/5 Catching up & review
TH 12/13
Final exam from 4:15-6:15 in 114 O'Shaughnessy Hall