Finance 462

Spring 2005 Class Schedule (Tentative)


Tuesday: 11th: Introduction to Money& Banking

Thursday, 13th: Introduction to Financial Markets (SB Chapter 1)

Tuesday, 18thMeasuring the Economy: Economic Indicators (SB Chapter 2)

Thursday, 20th: Measuring the Economy: Economic Indicators (SB Chapter 2), Problem Set #1 Due

Tuesday, 25th: Empirical Properties of Interest Rates (SB Chapter 4)


Thursday, 27th: Structural Interest Rate Models (SB Chapter 3), Problem Set #2 Due

Tuesday, 1st: Structural Interest Rate Models (SB Chapter 3),

Thursday, 3rd: Statistical Interest Rate Models (SB Chapter 7) Problem Set #3 Due

Tuesday, 8th: Review for Midterm #1, Project #1 Due

Thursday, 10thMidterm #1 (Chapters 1-7)

Tuesday, 15th: Measuring Interest Rate Risk, Non-Contingent Claims (SB Ch. 6, 8)

Thursday, 17th Measuring Interest Rate Risk; Non-Contingent Claims (SB Ch.6, 8)

Tuesday, 22nd: Measuring Interest Rate Risk; Contingent Claims (SB Ch.9)

 Thursday, 24th:  Measuring Interest Rate Risk; Contingent Claims (SB Ch.9) Problem Set #4 Due


Tuesday, 1st:  Hedging Interest Rate Risk: (SB Chapters 15, 16), Project #2 Due

Thursday, 3rd: Understanding Money Demand, Problem Set #5 Due

Spring Break

Tuesday, 15th:  The Federal Reserve and the Supply of Money

Thursday, 17th: Review for Midterm #2, Problem Set #6 Due

Tuesday, 22ndMidterm #2 (SB Chapters 6, 8, 9, 15 -16)

Thursday, 24th: Commercial Banks and Other Depository Institutions (SB Chapters 21, 22)

Easter Break

Tuesday, 29th: Regulation and Evolution of the Banking Sector (SB Chapter 21, 24)

Thursday, 31st: Risk Management and Commercial Banking (SB Chapter 25), Problem Set #7 Due


Tuesday, 5th:  Competition and Commercial Banking (MVH Chapter 12), Project #3 Due

Thursday, 7th: Commercial Banks and the Supply of Money, Problem Set #8 Due

Tuesday, 12th:  Money, GDP, and Inflation

Thursday, 14th: Money, GDP, and Inflation, Problem Set #9 Due

 Tuesday, 19th: Formulating Monetary Policy (MVH Chapter 25, 26, 27)

Thursday, 21st: The Mechanics of Interest Rate Targeting (MVH Chapter 25, 26, 27), Problem Set #10 Due

Tuesday, 26th: Review for Final, Project #4 Due

Final Exams: May 2nd-6th

Have a Great Vacation!