Finance 462

Money and Banking

John Stiver

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Grading: There will be two midterms given during the semester, a non-cumulative final given during finals week, regular problem sets (approximately one per week), 4 projects, and a final paper.  The final grade will be computed as follows:

Problem Sets: (10 @ 10 points each) = 100

Midterms (2 @ 100 points each)       = 200

Projects (4 @ 25 points each)           = 100

Final                                                  = 100

Paper                                                = 100

Total                                                 = 600

Problem sets will be handed out on Tuesday and will be due the following Tuesday.  LATE HOMEWORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!! Problem sets and the final paper are to be done individually, but you may work in groups (no larger than three) for the projects. There is also the possibility of random, unannounced quizzes throughout the semester, so attending class and keeping up with the material is very important.  Bonus points will be awarded for exceptional class participation.  


The median score (out of 600 points) will receive a 'B' for the course.  The ranges for other grades will be at 20 point intervals around the median.  For example, if the median score for the class is 500, the grade distribution would be as follows: 


                                        560 - 600: A

                                        540 - 560: A-

                                        520 - 540: B+

                                        480 - 520: B

                                        460 - 480: B-

                                        440 - 460: C+

                                        420 - 440: C

                                        400 - 420: C-

                                        380 - 400: D+

                                        360 - 380: D

                                        <360       : F


Note that this distribution is a minimum.  That is, if for example, your total score is 20 points above the class median, you are guaranteed at least a B+.  

Honor Code:  This course, like all other courses at Notre Dame, is subject to the Academic Code of Honor. Please read the Handbook to refresh your understanding of the code. 

I: Overview of the Financial System

II: Interest rates: Theory and Evidence

III: Pricing Cash Flows and the Valuation of Securities

IV:       IV: Understanding Money Demand

V: Federal Reserve System, Commercial Banks, and the Supply of Money

VI: The Conduct of Monetary Policy

VII: The Financial System and the Macroeconomy