Featured Projects

Streamline and Viewpoint Information Channel
We developed a unified information-theoretic framework for streamline selection and viewpoint selection. It solved these two selection problems simultaneously, which provided not only efficiency, but also a connection, so that a streamline was favored only if it revealed rich information under viewpoints where flow features could be clearly observed.
Focus+Context Flow Visualization
We designed a deformation framework for focus+context visualization of flow fields. Multiple templates were designed to achieved various effects, so that users can observe the focused region in their desired way with the context of background streamlines. The entire volume is used to absorb the distortion, so that the overall structure is perceptually preserved.
FlowString learns the basic flow patterns from a pool of sample streamlines and encodes them as characters. It allows users to query locations of a pattern or even a combination of multiple patterns in textual manner. FlowString can partially match a streamline regardless of its position, orientation and scale. In addition, the most frequent substrings allow users to quickly identify the most common patterns in a flow field.
[PVIS14] [TVCG15] [HTM] [Library Available]
CryptoMentor is a suite of cryptography visualization tools. Each tool covers one algorithm and provides an interface that requires very little explanation. Most of the algorithms covered by standard undergraduate texts are supported, including the Vigenère cipher, DES, AES, RSA, SHA and elliptic curve cryptography.
[CCSC2011] [SIGCSE2012] [SIGCSE2014] [HTM] [Executables Available]