About Me

I'm an empirical industrial organization economist with a primary research interest in understanding the impact of government regulation and taxation on firm pricing and innovation decisions. As trade barriers continue to fall and countries become ever closer, this interest has inevitably led to covering topics related to international trade. My research has focused thus far on the alcohol, automotive, and semiconductor industries.

My wife (Angie) and I enjoy cycling, golfing, and snowboarding. She's also been teaching me to wakeboard (see picture). She grew up on a lake and can do all of those upside-down tricks. My body wasn't made to go upside-down.

I also like to cook, particularly Italian and (Texas) barbecue.

As a born and bred Minnesotan, I grew up on skates and the color purple.  If you're a masochist and interested in cheering for sub-par sports franchises, check out:

www.wild.com  Minnesota Wild Official Website
www.vikings.com   Minnesota Vikings Official Website

Or you could join the bandwagon and become a Golden Gopher hockey fan as the Maroon and Gold pursue their fifth national title:

Gopher Hockey