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This would be a slideshow but since javascript is off it is not working. The Zartman lab seeks to identify underlying principles of tissue growth and morphogenesis to inspire new ways to treat human diseases.

Morphogenesis How is gene expression and cellular phenotype in time and space? Understanding how growth is regulated in vitro and in vivo using a genetic model organism Wound healing Organ culture

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We use a combination of experimental and computational approaches to study pattern formation, growth control, and regeneration in order to inspire new ways to treat human diseases, such as cancer, and to accelerate wound healing and regeneration. Lab openings: We are looking for talented post-doctoral researchers with experience in either two areas: 1. Molecular cell biology and advanced Drosophila genetics 2. Computational modeling of cell signaling or systems identification We are also looking for lab technicians with expertise in Drosophila and cell biology. Interested undergraduates and potential graduates and post-doctoral researchers are welcome to inquire about available positions in the lab.