University of Notre Dame College of Engineering

CBE 40479/60579

Course description:

This course is roughly divided into two parts. In the first half we cover principles of cell and developmental biology that guide and inspire current approaches in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. We investigate examples of studies that employ computational and quantitative analyses of biological processes such as cell-cell signaling and morphogenesis. During the second half, we cover techniques involved in cultivating cells for applications in recombinant protein production as well as the design of artificial organs and regenerative therapeutics.

Topics covered:

Definition and history of cell and tissue engineering

Chemistry and macromolecules of life

Cells and their housekeeping functions

Gene circuits and transcriptional networks

Genomics and tools of systems biology

Cell adhesion and communication

Cell division and regulation

Development of multicellular organisms

Mechanisms of morphogen gradient formation

Scaling properties of morphogen gradients

Interpretation of morphogen gradients and tissue growth control


Stem cells

Wound healing

Cancer metastasis

Cell culture: techniques and cell line development.

Cell culture media: optimization and design-of-experiment methods

Cell culture scale-up

3D tissue and organ culture

Cell and tissue biomechanics

Biomaterials and scaffolds

Gene transfer and genetic engineering

Recombinant protein production and drug development

High throughput screening technologies