University of Notre Dame College of Engineering


Principal Investigator

Jeremiah Zartman

Dr. Jeremiah Zartman

Research Staff

Jeremiah Zartman

Dr. Teresa Brito-Robinson

(joint with Dr. Holly Goodson)

Co-mentored staff:

Dr. Nicholas Contento (primary mentor: Dr. David Hoelzle)



Cody Narciso

Pavel Brodskiy

Qinfeng Wu

Megan Levis    

Megan Levis

Jamison Jangula

Dharsan Soundarajjan



Current (Fall 2015):

Steven Penny

Paulina Eberts

Sean Keenan

Paul O'Toole

Not pictured: Galvin Loughran, Louisa Antonelli, Jahmel Jordan,

Maria Penuela Tamayo, Luis Lazalde and Sarah Linesch.


Jeremiah Zartman

Dr. Miranda Burnette

Graduation 2016

Current position: Post-doctoral research scientist, UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center


Erica Smith

Maureen Connelly

Lucas DelaFuente

Not pictured: Angela Celo, Christine Park, Daniel Alber, Gabrielle Dohmen.

Dr. Erin Howe (Primary mentor: Dr. Siyuan Zhang)

Group Pictures

2015 Spring Group

Spring 2015 Group Photo

Good times in 2015

Spring 2015: Good times and good fellowship. From left and circling around: Teresa, Jochen Kursawe visiting from Oxford), Erin, Cody, Jeremy, Miranda, and Qinfeng

Harper Cancer Research Day, 2015

Several members of the lab presented at the Harper Cancer Research Institute Day in April 2015.







Jeremiah Zartman



Fall 2013: Lab celebration on Dec. 12, 2013.







Jeremiah Zartman





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