University of Notre Dame College of Engineering

Principal Investigator

Jeremiah Zartman

Jeremiah Zartman

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

182 Fitzpatrick Hall (mail)
150A Fitzpatrick Hall (office)
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Phone: 1-574-631-0455


Ph.D., 06/2009 Princeton University (USA) Chemical Engineering (Advisor: Professor Stanislav Shvartsman)

M.A., 06/2006 Princeton University (USA) Chemical Engineering (Advisor: Professor Stanislav Shvartsman)

B.S., 05/2004 University of Colorado at Boulder (USA) Chemical Engineering and Engineering Physics

Research Experience

1/2012-present Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Notre Dame

7/2009-12/2011 Postdoctoral research scientist, University of Zurich, Switzerland. Supervisor: Professor Konrad Basler

1/2005-6/2009 PHD research Topic: Pattern formation and morphogenesis in Drosophila oogenesis Supervisor: Professor S.Y. Shvartsman Institute: Princeton University, Department of Chemical Engineering

6/2004-8/2004 Research Assistant Topic:Solar production of hydrogen via Zn/ZnO thermochemical cycle Supervisor:Professor A.W. Weimer Institute:University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

6/2002-8/2002 REU Research Assistant Topic: Solvent-vapor-induced growth of oriented organic structures on nano-patterned SiO2 gratings Supervisor: Prof. V. Bulovic Institute: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.

1999-2002 Research assistant Topic: Growth mechanism of macrovoids during the dry-cast process of polymeric membrane formation Supervisor: A.R. Greenberg Institute: Dep. of Mech. Eng. and Membrane Applied Science & Technology Center, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

6/2000-8/2000 REU participant Topic: A novel catalyst for the partial oxidation of methanol to H2 Supervisor: Professor J. Falconer Institute: University of Colorado-Boulder, Boulder, CO


2/2010-12/2011 Long-term EMBO postdoc fellowship

9/2004-6/2009 Princeton Hertz Fellowship (~20 Hertz fellowships nationally/yr.) and Princeton Wu Fellowship (awarded to the top engineering graduate students at Princeton University)

8/2003-5/2004 Astronaut Scholar (nominated by CU-Boulder)

8/2002-5/2002 Goldwater Scholar, national scholarship awarded to 300 scholars yearly.

8/1998-5/2004 Boettcher Scholar, full-ride scholarship for Colorado students (40 awards/~1000 applicants

1999 Norlin Scholar (awarded to the top students at the Univ. of Colorado)

1998 Robert C. Byrd Scholar (national scholarship)


2010 1st place in postdoctoral poster competition, 2010 Drosophila Conference, GSA

2008 AICHE Food, Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering poster award (AICHE Div. 15) Schering-Plough Science and Innovation Award (~12 awarded in the US each/yr)

2006 1st Prize in Poster Competition, Joint Meeting of Central Jersey American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the Princeton American Chemical Society, October 17th, 2006

2004 Graduation Honors: Outstanding Graduate for Research, College Academic Achievement Award (highest undergraduate GPA in the College of Engineering), Outstanding Senior Award in Chemical Engineering, CEC Silver Medal Certificate of Merit. Senior Design Expo Award, University of Colorado, CO

2000 2nd place in Departmental Student Poster Competition, NSF/CU REU program, Boulder, CO