SOC 63578: Social Movements and Politics Training Seminar

(aka Studies in Politics And Movements)

Spring 2016

Description & Format

This seminar is designed to expose participants to debates, issues, and topics in the scholarly study of contentious politics and social movements (broadly defined) and to provide feedback on research projects and papers. Papers need not be fully developed to be presented (though they may be). People are encouraged to present short concept pieces that outline projects they are thinking of pursuing.

Presenters should send their papers to Kraig Beyerlein (seminar organizer) or the seminar listserv (see link below) no later than a week before they are scheduled to present to give people sufficient time to read it and prepare comments. Though it is not required, presenters can introduce their papers. Please keep any introductory remarks to 5 minutes or less (the expectation is that everyone has read your paper carefully!). Discussants are asked to limit their remarks to 10 minutes or less and to focus on broader themes of the paper. After the discussant finishes, the floor is open and everyone is encouraged to provide additional feedback to the presenter. Each session lasts an hour. If you have any questions about the seminar, please email Kraig (see contact information below).

Meeting Time and Place:

Thursdays 9:45-10:45 AM, Flanner 824, January 12-April 21

*No meeting March 10 (mid-term break)


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