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"The Quality of Mexico's Democracy"

Mexico Working Group Lecture

Manuel Camacho SolísSecond Diálogo with:

Manuel Camacho Solís
Federal Senator of Mexico

Michael Coppedge
Professor of Political Science
Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow
University of Notre Dam

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
12:30 pm - C103 Hesburgh Center

Manuel Camacho Solís is a Mexican senator who has served as coordinator of the Dialogue for the Reconstruction of Mexico as well as Mexico’s secretary of foreign affairs and mayor of Mexico City.

Camacho has been at the center of negotiating solutions to conflicts and designing public policies to address complex problems. As mayor, he led the effort to find a solution to an environmental crisis, converting Mexico City from the world’s most polluted city to a model of improvement. He conceived and negotiated the social contract for the reconstruction of the capital after the earthquake. As peace commissioner, he helped create the levels of trust that made the end of the Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas possible.

The author of several books on the advancement of democracy, social justice, and different models for economic development, Camacho Solís was also a member of the independent Commission on Global Governance (that included Willy Brandt, Ingvar Carlsson, Jaques Delors, and Fernando Henrique Cardoso, among others) responsible for the report Our Global Neighborhood (Oxford University Press, 1995).




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