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"Catholic Education in Haiti: Notre Dame's Research, Policy, and Outreach Efforts for Education Reform""Catholic Education in Haiti: Notre Dame's Research, Policy, and Outreach Efforts for Education Reform"

The presentation will address the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) engagement with Catholic schools in Haiti, providing background on the partnership and describing the methodology and results of a nationwide survey of Catholic schools.

Rev. Timothy Scully, CSC
Director, Institute for Educational Initiatives
Professor of Political Science
Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow
University of Notre Dame

Shannon Stackhouse Flores
Research Consultant, ACE Consulting
University of Notre Dame

Brandy Ellison
Faculty, English as a New Language Program
Associate Director of Research, ACE Consulting
University of Notre Dame

Tuesday, March 26 - 12:30 pm - C103 Hesburgh Center

Rev. Timothy R. Scully, CSCRev. Timothy R. Scully, CSC

Professor of Political Science
Director, Institute for Educational Initiatives
(PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 1989)
311 I.E.I. Building

Geographic focus: Latin America (Chile)

Thematic interests: Comparative parties and party systems; democratization; aggregate data analysis.

Selected publications: Coeditor, Democratic Governance in Latin America (Stanford University Press, 2010); coauthor, Vínculos, Creencias e Ilusiones: la Cohesión Social de Los Latinoamericanos (Uqbar Editores, 2008); coauthor, El Eslabón Perdido: familia y bienestar en Chile, (2006); coeditor, Christian Democracy in Latin America: Electoral Conflict and Regime Change (2003); Rethinking the Center: Party Politics in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Chile (1992); coauthor, Building Democratic Institutions: Party Systems in Latin America (1995).

Working papers: #336: The Enduring Presence of Religion in Chilean Ideological Positionings and Voter Options; #211: The Political Underpinnings of Economic Liberalization in Chile; #199: From Democracy to Democracy: Continuities and Changes of Electoral Choices and the Party System in Chile; #143: Reappraising the Role of the Center: The Case of the Chilean Party System.




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