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A club dedicated to spreading happiness
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About us

We spread positivity

Random Acts of Kindness

We give out a RAK every week for club members and others to follow. We hope that all these selfless acts will positively impact the spirit of the campus.

Fun Events

A couple FUN events are held every semester. In the past this has included writing positive messages with chalk on the paths all over campus, giving out lots of free food, posting up nice messages and the list goes on!

RAK Week

This is KiND's signature event. RAK week is held twice and year and it is where the club comes together to hold an event everyday of the week.


See what we do

Sticky notes

Leaving positive notes on dining hall trays


Colorful messages on the quad

Club meeting

Everyone planning events

Free Hugs

Giving out free hugs around campus

More stickies

Even more positive messages

Our Goals

What we aim to achieve by the end of the year

  • Expand

    We want more club members

    KiND is a new club. It was founded last year and we had roughly 50 recurring members. We hope to double that this year!

  • New Ideas

    We want to know what makes your day

    All of KiND's events stems from what our club members think will make a difference. However, we understand that there are so many other great ideas out there and this year we want to explore that with the help of our new members.

  • Create friendships

    We want to bring our club members closer together

    KiND really loves and appreciates all its club members. We not only want this club to be about positivity, we also want it to be about friendship. This year we are going to try bring all the members closer together by holding a lot more social events within the club.

  • Establish the club

    We want everyone on campus to know what KiND does

    As mentioned before, KiND is a new club. So far we have already gained a lot of popularity and made a name for ourselves. However, we would like to try add on to this and grow as a club even more.

  • Come join
    us in achieving

Current Officers

Come learn who organises events!

Seamus McConville


Sammy Meehan

Vice President

Erica Loberg


Sophie Lillis


Victoria Johnston

Digital Secretary

All of the officers are dedicated to making the club run smoothly. But KiND would not be possible if it was not for the rest of our brilliant and passionate club members.

Contact Us

We want to hear from you!

Email us at kind@nd.edu