Aug. '12: James' high school graduation trip to Sitka, Alaska.

Aug. '12: Catching Halibut with Kain's Fishing Adventures.

Aug. '12: Humpback whales swam thru one fishing location.

Aug. '12: They announce themselves by blowing water into the air.

Aug. '12: Russia administered the Alaskan territory from Sitka.

Aug. '12: Baranoff Castle Hill has great views of the city.

May '12: Lake Michigan steelhead on trip with Captain Fuzzy.

May '12: James with bigger king salmon.

Sept. '09: Large rainbow trout at end of the sockeye run.

Sept. '09: Gorgeous Alaskan scenery and silver salmon.

April '09: Nice redfish caught off Tierra Verde (FL).

May '09: A day working on Fuzzy logic.

May '08: Results of hard work at "faculty meeting."

May '08: King salmon from out of Michigan City (IN).

Summer '04: Halibut fishing in the Shelikof Strait - before.

Summer '04: Halibut fishing in the Shelikof Strait - after.

Summer '04: Fox seen on the way to the New Halen Gorge.

Summer '04: Bear that dropped by to see what we caught.

Summer '03: Lower Nushagak, King Salmon with Stu.

Summer '03: Sockeye on beautiful Afognak Island.