Report on the Impact of Computer Technology on Employment

Topic area Workplace Issues
Target audience Senior undergraduate students in CS, CIS, or SE (Could be revised for use with other undergraduate students)
Activity type Written and/or oral assignment
Time required Several weeks of student time; class time depending on whether reports will be made to the class and the number of such reports.
Attachments None
Additional materials None
Background needed to complete the assignment Knowledge of introductory economics and statistics
References Articles researching the impact of technology on employment
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A major issue of the impact of computers on society is the overall impact that computer technology has had on employment. There is not a generally accepted answer to the questions presented on the preceeding page.

Goals for the activity:

This exercise is to research one or more of the questions and to present the results located.

Knowledge / skills / attitudes to be developed (behavioral objectives):

After completion of this exercise students should

  1. Either assign a topic to be reported on or allow the students to select from a list of relevant topics (usually use the first option on for written reports)
  2. Either give the students a set of relevant references to use or assign them the task of researching the topic
  3. Assign either a written or oral report
  4. Student presents the report in an appriopriate manner; when using written reports (espically if the students do the research or if they use different topics) have the students present short oral or written reports to the entire class summarizing the results of the report.
Options: Assessing outcomes:

Grade as usual for a report.

Additional remarks:

Author contact information:

William Myers
Dept. of Computer Studies
Belmont Abbey College
Belmont, NC

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