Linear Systems Theory (EE 60550)

University of Notre Dame

Fall 2024- Enroll in EE 60550 section 01
Coleman Morse Center 201 - TR 9:30PM- 10:45PM

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Description: This course provides a rigorous mathematical examination of the concepts used in modeling modeling the behavior of linear dynamical systems. The course first reviews linear algebra and undergraduate signal/system concepts for continuous-time and discrete-time systems. It examines state-based realizations for continuous/discrete/sampled linear dynamical systems. The course studes stability concepts (Lyapunov, ISS, Lp) used for time invariant varying dynamical systems (nonlinear and linear). It introduces finite-time concepts of reachability/controllability and observability/constructibility for linear systems. It examines model reduction methods commonly used for linear systems. The course closes with a formal treatment of state feedback and its use in the design of state observers, state-feedback control, and observer-based control. d

Grading: Homework 30% - 2 Midterm Exams 40% - Final Exam 30%
Instructor: Michael Lemmon, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, Cushing 311A , lemmon at