Data with His Family and Friends

Dr. Soong talking to Data
Data with Lore
Lore Returns
Data and Geordi
Data and Lal
Data and Lal in Ten-Forward
Data with me, Spot
Data with Picard
Data and Picard at Tasha's Funeral
Data and Picard with phasers
Data and Picard firing phasers
Data and Picard on the bridge
Data talking to Picard
Data watching Picard
Data with Dixon Hill
Data with Juliana Soong
Data with Crusher
Data giving Sela a Vulcan Nerve Pinch
Data with Dr.Graves
Data with Bruce Maddox
Data and Guinan
Data and Worf in Dress Uniforms
Data, Riker, and Geordi
Riker and Data in conference room
Picard and Data

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