Psylocke's history is one of the most confusing stories in all of the X-Men comics. Psylocke is sometimes referred to as Betsy Braddock, because that is her real name. Psylocke is just her code name. In the beginning, Psylocke (pictured left) took the place of Captain Britain. Psylocke was captured and transported to Mojo world where she was manipulated by Mojo and given a new set of eyes. Later, she was found by the New Mutants, but she didn't tell them about Mojo. Psylocke became an X-Man and helped them in their fight against evil. On one particular outing, she passed through the siege perilous crystal which gave a person a new chance at life. She came out in a coma and was found by Matsu'o.

Kwannon (pictured right) was an assassin and was in love with Matsu'o, but their masters were enemies. Kwannon was ordered to kill Matsu'o's master and Matsu'o is forced to throw her into the sea and leave her for dead. However, when Kwannon was pulled out she was still alive. When Kwannon was found, a British telepath was found alongside her, washed up on the shore. Kwannon was moderately telepathic, so both women's minds were compatible. Spiral said to herself, "Aha! This is quite a bit of luck! What I need is an assassin with this British telepath's mind (Psylocke, pictured left) in Kwannon's body (pictured right). I can probably exploit her and I'll have a better assassin than anyone. Yes!!!" So, as you can imagine, she devised a plan to do just that.

Spiral switched the women's minds and revived both bodies. Originally, Psylocke was the British girl pictured on the left, but now her mind is in the Asian girl pictured on the right. This is the modern Psylocke. The Asian girl pictured on the right was Kwannon, but Kwannon's mind is now in the British girl pictured on the left. So, the girl on the left used to be Psylocke, but is now Kwannon. The girl pictured on the right used to be Kwannon, but is now Psylocke.

Psylocke returned from the siege perilous and found herself in Japan, where she meets the Mandarin. She becomes involved with him and becomes Lady Mandarin. She is evil for awhile. One day, while Wolverine and Jubilee were visiting Japan, they discovered Lady Mandarin. After a battle with Wolverine, she plunged deep into his mind. It was so maddening and insane that it shocked her back to normal. She returned with Wolverine and Jubilee to the X Mansion and resumed her duties as an X-Mansion.

Later, Kwannon, (pictured right) came to the X-Mansion and claimed that she was really Psylocke, but the X-Men discovered that Kwannon was really Kwannon, (pictured left) and Psylocke was really Psylocke pictured right). Soon after Cyclops and Jean Grey's wedding, Kwannon was infected with the Legacy virus, a deadly disease for mutants which increases their powers to such an extent, that it kills them. Kwannon asked Matsu'o to kill her before she could be killed by the Legacy virus. Psylocke (pictured right) still retained some of Kwannon's memories, since Psylocke was living in Kwannon's original body.

The Legacy virus that killed Kwannon, as mentioned before, heightened her unwanted abilities to such a degree that she was able to cut through the cloud of her jumbled memories and discover the truth about herself. She projected this truth into Matsu'o's mind as a sort of fairwell before Matsu'o killed her. This also left Matsu'o with some of Kwannon's telepathic abilities. Before she died, Kwannon asked Matsu'o to take back all of the memories that were Kwannon's from Psylocke, so Psylocke can finally have inner peace. Matsu'o completes his task and attempts to deal with his inner turmoil with the help of Psylocke.

Much later, after the X-Men gave Sabretooth refuge, the X-Men realized that they had failed to cure Sabretooth's insanity. Boomer accidentally freed Sabretooth from his restraints and Psylocke comes to save her from Sabretooth's wrath. After giving Sabretooth a good beating, Psylocke tried to use her psychic knife on Sabretooth, but it did not work, because Sabretooth had become immune to its effects. Sabretooth had a burst of rage and nearly killed Psylocke.

After many issues of recuperation, Psylocke finally returned to the comics. Psylocke was dead when Wolverine, Archangel, and Dr.Strange brought her back to life with the Crimson Dawn. A side effect of this was a strange mark over her left eye. Also, after the incedent with the Crimson Dawn, Psylocke gained the ability to slip in and out of the shadows, which was a form of teleoprtation.

Later on, an evil being called Kuriargi took Psylocke as his slave queen, holding her in an obedient shadow shell. In this form, Psylocke fought Angel but finally broke free and defeated Kuriargi with the help of Gommur. After that, Angel freaked when Betsy told him the truth of their relationship, which should have come to marriage. During this time of confusion, Angel decided to leave Besty to sort out a few things, but mostly to decide if he loved her or not.

Recently, Psylocke and Storm, Cannonball, Wolverine and the three new members were lured to a so called god named Ananasi, who turned out to be the Shadow King. Psylocke battled him valiently in the Astral plain only to be tricked into freeing the Shadow King from his prison. This set off something called a Radical Psionic Event which took the powers of all the telepaths on earth, and made all the normal humans go mad. Her mind was in pieces but the energies of the Crimson Dawn saved her life. In her new astral form, Psylocke freed Storm and separated herself and the Shadowking from the others. With the last of her telepathy, she trapped his nexus (psionic equivilant of a soul) and left the astral plain for the last time. She still has her shadow powers, but it's not sure whether she'll stay on the team.

Special thanks goes out to Robert Hughes, who alerted Elizabeth to some new happenings in the world of Psylocke, and helped to update this history. Thanks also goes out to my sister Elizabeth who typed this for me and converted it to html, as well as updates it perdodically.