My Spline Regression Papers

Spline Regression Models
Sage Publications Inc., September 2001
book in University Series: Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences, with D.Cormier.

"A Calibration Technique for Estimating the Effect of Location on the Values of Residential Properties"
Property Tax Journal, vol.10, no. 2, June 1991, pages 261-276, with A.Sindone.

"Alternative Methods of Estimating Piecewise Linear and Higher Order Regression Models"
with M.Maudgal and J.Raman, SUGI,1990, vol.15, pages 523-527.

"Home Value Location, Location, Location: An Application in Real Property
Global Response Surface Technology"
with A.Sindone, MWSUG, October 1991, pages 249-353.