Ph.D. Dissertations

1. Abdelkader M. Abdelkader
"Linkage Effect Under Different Channels and Sources of Technology Transfer to the LDC's - Auto Industry as a Case Study" (committee chaired by K.Kim)
2. Permana Agung
"Shifting of Customs Duties in Indonesia: A Case Study of Color Television Receivers" (committee chaired by T.Swartz and John Due)
3. Jeff Ankrom
"Core Inflation, Price Expectations and Interest Rate Determination" (committee chaired by F.Bonello)
4. Donna Bacon
"A Simulation of the Effects of Alternative Child-Related Tax Credits on the Household's Decision to Choose Supervised Child Care",(committee chaired by D.Betson)
5. Arsene Balihuta
"The Effect of Man-made Fibers on the Cotton Exports of Cotton Export Dependent Countries" (committee chaired by K.Kim)
6. Shelley Baxter
"Producer Services and the Corporate Headquarters Complex: A Minneapolis Case Study" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
7. Mary Beckman
"Job Rationalization, External Control and VDT's" (committee chaired by R.Skurski)
8. Rick M. Behler
"The Economics of Crime: A Simulation Model of Urban Property Crime" (committee chaired by L.Marsh and T.Swartz)
9. David Boomsma
"Recipient Exit, Post-Welfare Economic Status, and Changes in Dependency in the Aid to Families with Dependent Children Program" (committee chaired by R.Coe)
10. Prasarn Boonserm
"The Impact of Fuel Alcohol Production on Production, Consumption, and Export of Corn, Cassava, and Sugarcane: A Case Study of Thailand" (committee chaired by J. Rakowski)
11. Jurgen Brauer
"Military Expenditures, Arms Production, and the Economic Performance of Developing Nations" (committee chaired by L.Marsh and G.Lopez)
12. Daric Brummett
"Functional Estimation with Universal Approximators: An Application of Neural Networks to Production Functions" (committee chaired by L. Marsh)
13. Kevin D. Brunson
"Principal Elements Regression",(committee chaired by L.Marsh)
14. Stafford Cargill
"Collective Bargaining of Trade Unions in the Jamacian Bauxite Industry" (committee chaired by C.Craypo)
15. David Carrier
"The Evolution of the U.S. Economy 1948-1992: An Empirical Model of Structural and Institutional Change" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
16. Doris Cheng
"An Empirical Study of the Effects of U.S. Grain Exports on the Exchange Rate and Domestic Prices" (committee chaired by J.Rakowski)
17. Kasemsun Chinnavaso
"The Decision to Migrate: A Comparative Study of Rural Migrants from the Northeast and the North Regions in Thailand" (committee chaired by N.Lorenz)
18. Elizabeth Clair
"Social Security: One-Earner versus Two-Earner Couples" (committee chaired by O.Brookins)
18. Benedict J. Clements
"Foreign Trade Strategies, Employment, and Income Distribution: The Case of Brazil" (committee chaired by K.Kim)
19. Ronald Clute
"An Analysis of the Incidence of Federal Revenue Sharing Funds in Local Government" (committee chaired by M.Scovill)
20. Elizabeth Elmore
"Labor Supply of Low Income Workers from Sixteen Barrios of Cali, Colombia" (committee chaired by D.Dugan)
21. Caroline Estrella
"Econometric Estimation of a Variable Coefficient Cusp Catastrophe Theory Model of Inflation and Unemployment Using the Maximum Likelihood Principle" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
22. Jiang Fan
"Foreign Trade, Employment and Income Distribution: China" (committee chaired by K.Kim)
23. George B. Garman, Jr.
"A Study of Productivity in the American Steel Industry" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
24. Aly Helmy
"A Family of Generalized Transcendental Production Functions" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
25. Aijun Huang
"An Econometric Model of Detecting Relative Power and Agreement/Disagreement in Joint Decision Making" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
26. John Janakiraman
"An Econometric Study of Vitamin Market Sales Forecasting" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
27. Tatre Janatarokolica
"A New Model Defining, Identifying and Estimating Inefficient Disequilibriums in the Housing Market" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
28. Paula Jordan-Morehead
"Conditional Demand Analysis in the Electrical Power Industry" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
29 Gregory Kilgariff
"The Effects of Inflation on Local Government" (committee chaired by T.Swartz)
30. John E. Kleinhenz
"The Effect of Federal Reserve Membership, Size and Location on the Performance of Commercial Banks in Indiana," (committee chaired by O.Brookins)
31. Murray Leibbrandt
"Kabula Revisited: Changes in the Economy of a South African Village Over Forty Years" (committee chaired by D.Ruccio)
32. Brad Lemler
"An Econometric Model of the History of Government Farm Policy in the United States" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
33. Hertha Longo
"The Financial Crisis of Congregations of Religious Women in the United States" (committee chaired by J.Warlick)
34. Luis Lopez
"A Macroeconomic Model for Simulations of the Colombian Economy in theMiddle Term" (committee chaired by J.Ros)
35. Sergio X. Madrigal
"Racial/Ethnic/Gender Wage Differentials in the Early Labor Career: The Case of Hispanic, Black, and White Youth" (committee chaired by T.Swartz)
36. Gabriel G. Manrique
"Multinational Corporations, Advertising and Industrial Organization in Economic Development: A Case Study of the Philippines" (committee chaired by R.Newfarmer)
37. Enrique Marshall
"Microeconomic Efficiency of the Banking System: The Case of Chile" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
38. Maureen McGlynn
"Junk Bonds, Hostile Takeovers and the Market for Corporate Control" substituted for Ajit Singh at proposal defense (committee chaired by C.Howes)
39. Sanjay S. Modak
"An Econometric Study of the Indian Automobile Industry: Simulation and Forecasting" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
40. Kimberley Montgomery
"Changes in the Major and Marginal Breadwinner Status of Husbands and Wives during the Period 1968-1988" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
41. Joseph F. Mooney
"A Quantitative Analysis of Market Structure and Performance in Brazil" (committee chaired by R.Newfarmer)
42. Lino A. Moreira
"Multinational Corporations and Income Distribution: The Case of Brazil" (committee chaired by R. Newfarmer)
43. Maria Moreno
"A Open Macroeconomic Model of Colombia" (committee chaired by J. Ros)
44. Alfred Morrissey
"An Econometric Analysis of Home Energy Expenditures and Need" (committee chaired by R. Coe and W. Davisson)
45. Brenda Madijcka
"A Study of Tax and Expenditure Incidence by Neighborhood" (committee chaired by T.Swartz)
46. Paul Natke
"Intrafirm Trade and Transfer Pricing: A Study of Manufacturing Firms in Brazil" (committee chaired by R.Newfarmer)
47. Tawin Nilbai
"The Impact of Government Expenditures on the Economic Well-being of Households in Thailand" (committee chaired by D.Betson)
48. Dennis O'Connor
"Quality Circles: A New Direction in Labor Relations? The Attempt at Goshen Rubber Company" (committee chaired by M.Fitzgerald)
49. James A. Ott
"Union Concession Bargaining Outcomes: The Adlake/UAW Case" (committee chaired by C.Craypo)
50. Janis Petersen
"Transactions Costs in the Future Market for Foreign Exchange" (committee chaired by J.Rakowski)
51. Mary Ann Pevas
"Estimation of the Demand for Long-Term Care Insurance in Indiana" (committee chaired by D.Betson)
52. Joseph Phillips
"The Demand for Labor on Small Farms in Less Developed Countries" (committee chaired by K.Jameson)
53. Tom Pierce
"The Economics of Library Acquisitions: A Book Budget Allocation Model for University Libraries" (committee chaired by T.Swartz)
54. Wayne Pulver
"Estimating the Demand for Catholic Secondary Education" (committee chaired by T.Swartz)
55. Michael J. Radzicki
"The Impact of an Increased Level of Vocational and Technical Education on Employment and Population Growth in the Indiana Economy" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
56. Jaishankar Raman
"The Problem of Regional Disparities in India" (committee chaired by A. Dutt)
57. John E. Reardon
"The Effect of Industry Structure on Health and Safety in Bituminous Coal Mines" (committee chaired by T.Ghilarducci)
58. William R. Reichenstein
"The Demand for Credit Union Shares" (committee chaired by F. Bonello)
59. John Lee Ribal
"The Fiscal Impact on Local Government in Eagle County, Colorado Before and After the Development of the Vail Ski Industry: A Case Study" (committee chaired by T. Swartz)
60. Michelle Salazar
"A Quantitative Analysis of Retirement Patterns of One and Two Earner Couples" not completed (committee chaired by J.Warlick)
61. M. Palal Santoso
"An Evaluation of Administrative Procedures and Taxpayers Compliance: A Case Study of the Indonesian Real Urban Property Tax" (committee chaired by T.Swartz)
62. Brian Schultz
"An Assessment of the Effects of Alternative Policies on the U.S. Petroleum Market Using a Continuous Systems Model" (committee chaired by W.Davisson)
63. Anthony Serrato
"The Border Industrialization Program: A Study of a Few Unsuccessful Ventures" (committee chaired by T.Swartz)
64. Shabnam Shallwani
"Appropriate Technologies for the Rural Women of Singh" (committee chaired by D.Goulet)
65. Maura Sheehan
"Investment and Government Grants in the Northern Ireland Manufacturing Sector" (committee chaired by M.Jarsulic)
66. Virginia Shingleton
"Medical Benefits and Labor Mobility" (committee chaired by T.Ghilarducci)
67. Anthony Sindone
"An Econometric Analysis of the Effect of Location on Residential Property Values" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
68. Joseph Arthur Stevano
"The MS Method of Multidimensional Hypothesis Testing: A More Powerful Approach for Testing Hypotheses Regarding the Scale Properties of Production Functions" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
69. David Swaine
"An Economic Analysis of U.S. Utilities Steam Coal Demand After 1975" (committee chaired by L.Marsh)
70. Wayne Scott Trees
"The Inadequacy of Using Quantitative Methods to Explore Issues in the Economics of Poverty: the Case of the Intergenerational Transfer of Welfare Status" (committee chaired by J.Rakowski)
71. Terry Urbine
"The Excise Tax Paradox in Cournot Bertrand Duopolies" (committee chaired by J.Rakowski)
72. David Vance
"An Economic Analysis of the County Option Income Tax in Indiana" (committee chaired by T.Swartz)
73. Peter Vander Nat
"The Pareto Optimal Taxation of Resource Use for the Financing of Public Goods" (committee chaired by J.Rakowski)
74. George P. Village
"The Effect of Safe Harbor Leasing on Investment and Capital Allocation" (committee chaired by D.Betson)
75. Pornpen Vorasopontaviporn
"Trade Regimes for Employment and Income Distribution: The Case of Thailand" (committee chaired by K.Kim)
76. Karin Lynn Wells
"The Dynamics of Public Sector Employment: Did Government Policies Adversely Affect the Post-1978 Employment Durations of Black Men, Black Women, and White Women?" (committee chaired by T.Swartz)
77. Dennis Markov
"Information Content in Stock Market Technical Patterns: A Spline Regression Approach" (committee chaired by L. Marsh)
78. Vladimir N. Sokolov
"An Analysis of the Term Structure of Interest Rates" (committee chaired by N. Mark)