Me with a couple of kids in the neighborhood where I grew-up

I grew up in the city of Iasi, Romania. This is an old city in the northeastern
part of Romania which breathes history. It played for Romania
the same cultural role Boston played for the US or Florence for Italy.

I received a B.S. in Math and Physics from the University ``Al.I.Cuza'' Iasi in 1987.
The University houses the oldest Math Library in the country,
Seminarul Matematic "A.Myller'', a mathematical oasis for many generations.

My Alma Mater

The University is located near an old park (Copou) made famous by our national
poet Mihai Eminescu. People are nice and friendly, and in spite of all the efforts
of the now dead communist regime, the underground culture was a source of
strength for many of us. Computers and the Internet are very popular now
and you can learn and see more about my hometown and Romania if you enter
through here.

After graduation I had to spend 3 years teaching math at a junior high-school
in a small town 50 kilometers away from my hometown.

The political changes which occurred in December 1989 ended this period of
my life. Thus in the fall of 1990 I came to Michigan State University for a doctoral
program. I received a PhD from MSU in the summer of 1994.

In the fall of 1994 I began working as an assistant professor at the Mathematics
Department of the University of Michigan. In July 1997 I moved
to McMaster University as a Postdoctoral Fellow.
It seems that I have an subconscious attraction for the Great Lakes
since, here I am, at Notre Dame, 40 miles away from the Lake Michigan dunes.

I enjoy reading history and politics and I appreciate very much
a polemic with my friends on these subjects.