Jacques Maritain Center

The Very Rich Hours of Jacques Maritain

A Spiritual Life

Ralph McInerny

University of Notre Dame Press
Notre Dame, Indiana

May she rest in peace

Copyright ©2003 by University of Notre Dame. Reprinted here with permission of the estate of Ralph McInerny and the University of Notre Dame Press, Notre Dame, Indiana. All rights reserved. The University of Notre Dame Press and the Jacques Maritain Center appreciate the support of the Robert T. Rolfs Foundation.



Matins (1881-1906)

    Before Raïssa

Lauds (1906-1918)

    Spiritual Directions
    The Villard Bequest
    Action Française

Prime (1918-1923)

    Les Cercles d'ètudes thomistes
    Vae mihi si non thomistizavero

Tierce (1923-1926)

    Maritain's Kulturkampf
    Art and Scholasticism
    Contesting the Hegemony of Gide

Sext (1927-1940)

    Primacy of the Spiritual
    Controvery over Christian Philosophy
    Degrees of Knowledge
    Gilson and Maritain
    Second Thoughts on a First Book
    Return to the Left
    Dispute with Claudel

Nones (1940-1948)

    Exile in New York
    The Heart of the Matter
    Adventures in Grace
    Ambassador to the Vatican

Vespers (1948 -1960)

    Man and the State
    Creative Intuition
    Intuition of Being
    Moral Philosophy
    Liturgy and Contemplation

Compline (1960-1973)

    The Journals
    Peasant of the Garonne
    Little Brother of Jesus
    Nunc dimittis