JMC : Witness of the Gospels / by A.S. Barnes

Appendix II

Books Recommended

THE literature dealing with this subject is most extensive, and it is difficult to make a selection. The following, however, will be found useful by any who desire to go more deeply into the subject

1. Some of the theses maintained in this lecture may be found drawn out at greater length in various articles previously published by the lecturer. Among these he would mention:

"St Mark." -- Monthly Review, October and November 1904.

"St Matthew." -- Journal of Theological Studies, January 1905.

"Gospel according to the Hebrews." -- Journal of Theological Studies, April 1905.

"Papias and the Gospels." -- Dublin Review, January 1905.

"The Acta Pilati and the Passion Document of St Luke." -- Dublin Review, July 1905.

2. The articles on the Gospels in the Encyclopedia Britannica, in Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible, and in Smith's Bible Dictionary, should all be studied.

3. Introduction:



4. Helps towards Study of the Greek:

5. The following will also be found useful:

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