Of God and His Creatures

The interest of all this to us is that the heaven, which is the term of the labours of a Christian man, is a participation in the perfect and transcendent happiness here shadowed forth. I will anticipate and quote the conclusion of B. III, Chap. LI. -- "By this vision we are made like to God, and become partakers of His happiness. For God Himself by His essence understands His substance, and that is His happiness. Hence it is said: When he appeareth, he shall be like unto him, because he shall see him as he is (I John iii, 2). And the Lord said: I dispose unto you, as my Father hath disposed unto me, a kingdom, that ye eat and drink at my table in my kingdom (Luke xxii, 29). This cannot be understood of corporal meat or drink, but must be spoken of that food which is taken at the table of Wisdom, whereof Wisdom herself says: Eat my bread, and drink the wine that I have mingled for you (Prov. ix, 5). They then eat and drink at the table of God, who enjoy the same happiness wherewith God is happy, seeing Him in the way in which He sees Himself."

Of God and His Creatures: 1.102