Of God and His Creatures

That God is His own Life

IN living things, to live is to be: for a living thing is said to be alive inasmuch as it has a soul; and by that soul, as by its own proper form, it has being: living in fact is nothing else than living being, arising out of a living form.* But, in God, Himself is His own being (Chap. XXII): Himself therefore is His own life.

2. To understand is to live: but God is His own act of understanding (Chap. XLV).

3. If God is living, there must be life in Him. If then He is not His own life, there will be something in Him that is not Himself,* and thus He will be compound, -- a rejected conclusion (Chap. XVIII).

And this is the text: I am life (John xiv, 6).*

1.97 : That God is Living
1.99 : That the Life of God is everlasting