Of God and His Creatures

This doctrine is not devoid of difficulties. Love and hatred are certain relative affections. Can it be then that God has no more love for me, now that He has created me, than He would have had for me as a mere possible creature never to be realised? no more hatred of the sin that I have committed than of the sin that I might commit? Not so, for God loves more where He sees more of His own, and hates more that which is in greater opposition to Himself. There is more of God in an existing reality than in a possible one; and sin is in greater opposition to God for being actually committed. Hence greater love and greater hatred. Is not God then more closely related to actualities than to potentialities? But, St Thomas would contend, the relation, even though closer, still remains conceptual. God is not really affected by my existing, or by anything of my doing.

Of God and His Creatures: 2.12