Of God and His Creatures

That the Predication of many Relations of God is no prejudice to the Simplicity and Singleness of His Being

It is no prejudice to the simplicity of God's being that many relations are predicated of Him, not as denoting anything affecting His essence, but according to our mode of thought. For our mind, understanding many things, may very well be related in manifold ways to a being that is in itself simple; and so it comes to view that simple being under manifold relations. Indeed the more simple anything is, the greater is its power, and the more numerous the effects whereof it is the principle; and thus it is viewed as coming into relation in more manifold ways. The fact then that many things are predicated of God relatively is an attestation of the supreme simplicity and singleness of His being.

2.13 : How the aforesaid Relations are predicated of God
2.15 : That God is to all things the Cause of their being