ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf


410. Life and Works. -- The Dominican, MASTER ECKHART OF HOCHEIM, born about 1260, studied successively at Cologne and Paris, where we find him in 1302 and 1311. His life was given to preaching and contemplation. He had gathered around him, at his convent in Cologne, a large crowd of followers, when the archbishop of Cologne took proceedings against his doctrines in the year 1326. The following year, which was that of his death, Eckhart appealed to the Holy See. But in 1329 John XXII. condemned twenty-eight propositions taken from his Latin writings. Eckhart has left numerous sermons in German as well as an important Latin work called the Opus Tripartitum (comprising a liber propositionum, a liber quaestionum and an opus expositionum).

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