Jacques Maritain Center : Readings

Principles of Natural Theology

by George Hayward Joyce, S.J.

Longmans, Green and Co.

New York, Toronto, Bombay, Calcutta, and Madras


    Part I.
    The Existence of God

  1. The Scope and Importance of Natural Theology
  2. The Demonstrability of God's Existence
  3. Proofs of God's Existence
    (I. Metaphysical Arguments)
  4. Proofs of God's Existence
    (II. Physical Arguments)
  5. Proofs of God's Existence
    (III. Moral Arguments)
  6. The Ontological Argument
  7. Kant's Criticism and His Alternative Argument

    Part II.
    Nature and Attributes of God
  8. Agnostic Difficulties and the Principle of their Solution
  9. The Divine Essence
  10. Attributes Relating to the Divine Nature
  11. The Divine Intellect
    (Attributes Relating to the Divine Nature I)
  12. God's Will: and His Beatitude
    (Attributes Relating to the Divine Nature II)
  13. The Divine Omnipotence
    (Attributes Relating to the Divine Nature III)

    Part III.
    God in His Relation to the World
  14. Creation
  15. Rival Theories Considered
  16. Conservation and Concurrence
  17. Providence and the Problem of Evil