JMC : Science and Faith / by Francis Aveling


THE following works may prove useful as bearing upon and extending the subject matter of this lecture.

Summa Theologica. Summa contra Gentiles. St Thomas Aquinas. (Especially for method.)

Westminster Lectures. (First series.) "Modern Freethought." "The Existence of God." "The Immortality of the Soul." "Free Will."

Westminster Lectures. (Second series.) "The Secret of the Cell." "Evil: Its Nature and Cause."

Religio Viatoris. Cardinal Manning.

Fundamental Philosophy. J. Balmez. (Translation by Henry F. Brownson.)

Enchiridion. Denziger. (Especially nn. 1630 sqq., "Constitutiones Dogmaticae Concilii Vaticani.")

Metaphysics of the School. Thomas Harper, S.J. (Introduction.)

Stonyhurst Series. "First Principles." "Psychology." "Natural Theology."

L' Univers d'après Haeckel. Prof. Jacques Laminne.

The Old Riddle and the Newest Answer. J. Gerard, S.J.

At the Deathbed of Darwinism. E. Dennert, Ph.D. (Translation by E. V. O'Hara and John H. Peschges.)

Instinct and Intelligence in the Animal Kingdom. Eric Wasmann, S.J.

The Psychology of Ants. Eric Wasmann, S.J.

Philosophie d'Aujourd'hui. M. Salomon. (Quinzaine, October 16, 1905.)

Cambridge Theological Essays. "The Being of God in the Light of Physical Science." F. R. Tennant, B.D. "The Being of God in the Light of Philosophy." Alfred Caldecott, D.D.

A Study of the Ethics of Spinoza. H. H. Joachim.

Riddles of the Sphinx. F. C. S. Schiller.

Theism. R. Flint, D.D.

Agnosticism. R. Flint, D.D.

The Philosophy of Religion. A. Caldecott, D.D.

The Scientific Temper in Religion. P. N. Waggett.

Christianity and Science. W. L. Wilmshurst.

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