JMC : Classification of Desires / by Henry Ignatius Smith, OP


The following works were used in the preparation of this dissertation,


General THOMAE AQUINATIS, Opera Omnia; 36 vols. Paris Edition, 1883-1889, Frette. Opera Omnia; jussu impensaque Leonis XIII edita. (a new critical edition of the works of Aquinas begun by Leo XIII eleven volumes of which have appeared. Summa Theologica (English Trans.). London, 1912.

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NOTE -- In order to facilitate the work of the reader the following list of the works of St. Thomas most frequently used, is given, together with the abbreviations by which reference is made to them.

Theological Works -
1 Summa Theologica. The principal work of St. Thomas, in three parts with supplement, the second part subdivided into two parts. Each part is divided into questions and each question into articles followed by answers to objections. la -- Prima Pars.
1-2ae -- Prima Secundae
2-2ae--Secunda Secundae
3a -- Tertia Pars
Supp. -- Supplementum
Q. -- questio
a. -- articulus
ad -- responsiones
2 Commentaria in IV Libros Sententiarum. Each hook is divided into distinctions which are again divided into questions which in turn are divided into articles, these often followed by "questiunculae" 1 Sent. -- 1 Liber Sententiarum
2 Sent. -- 2 Liber Sententiarum
3 Sent. -- 3 Liber Sententiarum
4 Sent. -- 4 Liber Sententiarum
3 Summa Contra Gentiles. Divided into four books, each book divided in chapters. Con. Gen.
L. -- Liber
c. -- caput
Philosophico-Theological Writings -
1 Questions Disputatae. These include the following works, each of which is divided into questions, articles and answers to objections. QQ. Disp.
(a) De Veritate De Verit.
(b) De Potentia De Potent.
(c) De Anima De Anima
(d) De Malo De Malo
(e) De Virtutibus in communi De Virt.
2 Quodlibeta Quol.
3 De Regimine Principum De Reg. Princ.
Commentaries on the Books of Aristotle -
1 In VIII libros Physicorum Physic.
2 In III libros de Anima Anim.
3 In XII libros Metaphysicorum Meta.
4 In X libros Ethicorum Eth.
5 In IV libros Politicorum Polit.
Commentaries in Sacred Scripture -
1 Expositio super Matthaeum In Matt.
2 Expositio super Marcum In Marc.
3 Expositio super Lucam In Luc.
4 Expositio super Joannem In Joan.
5 Expositio super Epistolam ad Romanos In Rom.
6 Expositio super priman ad Corinthids I Cor.
7 Expositio super Epistolam ad Hebraeos In Heb.
Each of these commentaries is divided into Chapters
c. -- caput
lec. -- Lectio
Various Letters -
These are short writings known as Opuscula Opusc.

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