JMC : Saint Thomas Aquinas / by Raïssa Maritain

XV Divine Wisdom

AS he loved God and his neighbour, the Angel of the Schools also loved the truth and wisdom which come from God, and lead back to Him, and which are the salvation of all.

He never esteemed nor desired any other riches.

But this divine wealth of knowledge and holiness he asked without ceasing in his prayers, praying to God with tears, and with what perseverance

When he had great trouble with his work he began to "pray and fast for long days at a time."

And God, being touched, Himself lighted up his mind. Or else the heavens opened, and, in the middle of the night, saints came down into the cell of Brother Thomas.

Reginald, his companion, one time heard them speak without seeing or understanding them.

And then Brother Thomas said to him. "My son Reginald, get up and take the notebook and prepare yourself to write."

And during an entire hour he dictated as easily as if he were reading out of a book.

Then Brother Reginald fell at his feet and said to him, weeping:

"I will not rise until you have told me the name of those with whom you were speaking so long to-night."

Saint Thomas defended himself and replied

"My son, you do not need to know."

But Reginald insisted, out of love of God.

Then the holy Doctor did not dare to refuse any longer, and said to Reginald:

"My son, God had pity on me. He sent me his blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, who brought me the light I needed."

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