Scenes from Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is a short (30-45 minutes) drive from Notre Dame. Favorite places nearby are the Indiana Dunes and Warren Dunes State Park (Michigan). Driving further north along the Eastern shore of the Lake will bring you to many other interesting places.

Indiana Dunes

Scene1 (Dunes and vegetation)
Scene2 (Dunes and vegetation)
Scene3 (Dunes and vegetation)
Scene4 (Woods)
Scene5 (Woods and wetlands)
Scene6 (Dunes and vegetation)
Scene7 (Dunes and vegetation)
Scene8 (Dunes and vegetation)
Scene9 (Dunes and shoreline)
Scene10 (Dunes and vegetation)
Scene11 (Beach)
Scene12 (Sunset)
Scene13 (Sunset)
Scene14 (Sunset)
Scene15 (Child at sunset)
Scene16 (People at sunset)
Scene17 (Winter)
Scene18 (Winter)

Warren Dunes

Scene1 (Climbing a dune)
Scene2 (Fun on the beach)

These are images from the U.S. EPA Great Lakes National Program Office, which also provides many more images of the Great Lakes.