Geometry & Topology RTG

University of Notre Dame

This is the homepage of the Geometry and Topology RTG at Notre Dame, funded by the National Science Foundation. See here for a video about the topology group.

The following are some of the activities that are supported by this grant:

Undergraduate geometry & topology summer workshop

This is a week long event with a summer school component, where basic concepts in geometry and topology will be introduced, followed by a research conference aimed at more advanced undergraduates. The dates for 2018 are July 30 - August 3. Poster

Mini workshops in geometry and topology

TaG survey series

These are short series of lectures focusing on a topic in geometry and topology.

Math for everyone

This is a lecture series aimed at a general undergraduate audience, in order to broaden their exposure to mathematical ideas. The lectures have covered a wide range of subjects, from baseball to voting, and from origami to astronomy.

Videos of recent lectures:
Rick Durrett, Truth is stranger than fiction: a look at some improbabilities, April 26, 2018, poster
David Galvin, Envy-free division, Feb 22, 2018, poster

Directed readings

Undergraduate students are mentored by graduate students in pairs to learn material beyond their regular courses.

Bridge program

This program gives a head start to incoming graduate students to ensure success in our first year graduate courses, irrespective of their background.