A Woman Mathematician's Journey


1961 Taipei Botanical Garden with my parents, elder Brothers Der-Yu, Zhen-Yu, Cuen-Yu, younger brother Chang-Yu and elder sister Mei-Som.


My Parents in Chengdu Sichuan 1939
Junior Year at NTU, 1976
Princeton 1977 Entering Guaduate Students

Professor Kohn's 60th birthday conference, Princeton, 1992 (Picture taken by Dan Burns)

Front row (from left to right): John Stalker, Gerald Folland, John D'Angelo, Joseph J. Kohn,
Donald Spencer, David Catlin.
Second row: So-Chin Chen, Pengfei Guan, Mei-Chi Shaw, Lop-Hing Ho, Ricky Diaz.
Third row: Jeff McNeal.

2005 Dunhuang Yumengguan with Husband Hsueh-Chia Chang and niece Cathy Wu
2006, Cairo Egypt

Woman Mathematician Forum, National Taiwan University, July, 2009 (http://www.tims.ntu.edu.tw/exlink/ntumath2009/week2-2.html)

Panelists from left to right:

Yng-Ing Lee, Wen-Chin Winnie Li, Sun-Yung Alice Chang, Chuu-Lian Terng, Mei-Chi Shaw and Fan Chung Graham.


Giving a talk at Phong's 60th birthday conference, Columbia University, May, 2013
with Louis Nirenberg and Xiaojun Huang in the audience.
(Picture taken by Christina Sormani)

My mother's ancestral home in Leiyang, Hunan
Mother's photo at Wuhan University 1938 (Courtesy of Wuhan University)