Midwest Econometrics Group (MEG)

Econometric Theory, Methods and Empirical Applications

MEG Director/Coordinator:

Yoosoon Chang (Indiana University)

Upcoming MEG 2024 Meeting:

University of Kentucky (November 1-2, 2024)

MEG Meetings:

2024 University of Kentucky (Lexington)
2023 Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (Cleveland)
2022 Michigan State University (East Lansing)
2021 Postponed for second year due to COVID-19.
2020 Postponed for one year due to COVID-19.
2019 Ohio State University (Columbus)
2018 University of Wisconsin (Madison)
2017 Texas A&M University (College Station)
2016 University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)
2015 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (St. Louis)
2014 University of Iowa (Iowa City)
2013 Indiana University (Bloomington)
2012 University of Kentucky (Lexington)
2011 University of Chicago (Booth School)
2010 Washington University (St. Louis)
2009 Purdue University (West Lafayette)
2008 University of Kansas (Lawrence)
2007 St. Louis University (St. Louis)
2006 University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati)
2005 Southern Illinois University (Carbondale)
2004 Northwestern University (Evanston)
2003 University of Missouri (Columbia)
2002 The Ohio State University (Columbus)
2001 Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (Kansas City)
2000 University of Chicago (Hyde Park)
1999 Iowa State University (Ames)
1998 Indiana University (Bloomington)
1997 Michigan State University (East Lansing)
1996 University of Wisconsin (Madison)
1995 Washington University (St. Louis)
1994 University of Iowa (Iowa City)
1993 University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)
1992 Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (Minneapolis)
1991 University of Notre Dame (South Bend)

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