The obvious airport is Lansing. There are jets (most flights) from Detroit, using Northwest. You can also fly to Lansing from Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and probably some other places. From the airport you can take a taxi to the hotel or union building. Taxis are not always waiting in front of the airport; you might have to call for one (Spartan-Yellow Cab, 482-1444). If you let us know in advance, we can probably have a graduate student (perhaps even one with driving experience) meet your flight. We might not be able to meet every flight but we'll give priority to large-plane Northwest flights that arrive at reasonable times. It is also possible to fly to Detroit and rent a car. It's about a 1.5 hour drive. The limousine service to Detroit is so expensive that it's not worthwhile.


Many of you may find it most convenient to drive here. It's about 1.5 to 2 hours drive to Detroit, and 4 hours to Chicago. The following directions assume that you can find your way to the intersection of I96 and US127/I496, just south of Lansing/East Lansing.

Go north on US127/I496 to the Trowbridge Rd. exit, which is also the main MSU exit. Go east (the only possible direction) on Trowbridge Rd. (If anyone is staying at the Ramada Inn - previously the Park Inn International - it is on Trowbridge Rd., on your left.) After a short distance, Trowbridge Rd. will dead- end into Harrison Rd. Turn left (north) on Harrison Rd. In 0.9 miles, you will come to Michigan Avenue, a large cross street with traffic lights. Turn right (east) onto Michigan Avenue. In a short distance, Michigan Avenue will merge with Grand River Avenue. Get into the left lane. The second traffic light after the merger is MAC Avenue; this intersection is 0.6 miles from the Harrison Rd. - Michigan Avenue intersection. Turn left (north) onto MAC avenue. The Marriott is one block ahead, on the northeast corner of MAC and Albert St. There is parking underneath the hotel.

Incidentally, on your way to the Marriott, you will have passed the MSU Union Building, where the conference is held. It is on the southeast corner of Grand River Avenue and Abbott Road, one block south and one block west of the Marriott.


East Lansing is a stop on the Chicago - Port Huron - Sarnia - Toronto train line. There is one train a day on this line. Trains arrive (or are scheduled to arrive) here at approximately 3:15 PM, both eastbound and westbound, with a somewhat different schedule on Sundays. You can also take a Chicago - Detroit train and they will bus you to East Lansing from Battle Creek. (But, if it really came to that, you might reconsider your decision to attend.)