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Most at Fault:
    G.A. Radvansky

B.A., 1987, Cleveland State University M.A., 1989, Ph.D., 1992, Michigan State University

I study issues involving memory, comprehension and events. I am currently an associate editor for the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. I have been an associate editor for the journal Memory & Cognition. I am also the author of two textbooks, Human Memory, published by Allyn and Bacon, and Cognition 5e by Ashcraft and Radvansky, published by Prentice Hall.

Postdoctoral Help:

Kyle Pettijohn

Graduate Students:

Andrea Kalchik Jerry Fisher Abigail Csik

Undergraduate Students:

J.T. Barnes Jack Feger Devon Gonzalez Shawn Hall Mary Hermann Sarah Lipscomb Claire Mason Tristan McGrath Saam Mojtahed Patty Morrow Marilyn Murphy Caitlin O'Laughlin Kayla Perez Laura Rabassa Jinny Rodriguez Sandra Spychalska Nicolas Tucker Morgan Widhalm Baylea Williams

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