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A personal landing page with links to my most used websites.

C++ Chess Game

A C++ program that allows two users to play chess, written for the Fundamentals of Computing final project.

Electric Village

The Electric Village is a tabletop model of three-phase power on Notre Dame’s campus.

Information Overload Hackathon 2017 - VoGo

A django-elm application that allows users to create a voting network within a certain range of where questions are posted.

MATLAB Poker Tool

A MATLAB program that assists a user in a poker game by calculating the optimal amount to bet (or fold) based on all available information.


A selection of the courses I have completed at Notre Dame:

  • ALHN 13950: Engineering Honors Seminar
  • CSE 20110: Discrete Math
  • CSE 20221: Logic Design
  • CSE 20289: Systems Programming
  • CSE 20312: Data Structures
  • CSE 30321: Computer Architecture
  • CSE 30341: Operating Systems
  • EE 30344: Signals and Systems
  • EE 47498: Special Studies

Courses that will be completed upon graduation:

  • CSE 30332: Programming Paradigms
  • CSE 34151: Theory of Computing
  • CSE 40113: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSE 40175: Ethical & Professional Issues