Graduate Student Seminar, 4:30pm ___, 2003



Can one hear the shape of a drum?


In 1966, Mark Kac posed the following question: "Can one hear the shape of a drum?". He had in mind the following problem: View the surface of a drum as a plane domain M, and say that $\lambda$ is in the spectrum of M if exists a nonzero function f with $\Delta f = \lamda f$ and f=0 on the boundary. These eigenvalues determine the frequency of sound provided by M. If you could "hear" the spectrum of M what geometrical information can you obtain about M?

We will answer this and many other related questions and try to give a survey of the field known as Spectral Geometry. We shall discuss the beautiful result of Sunada and Buser's example which were a key development to Carolyn Gordon's answer to Kac's question. It is important to notice that a lot of work in this subject is done in the compact case. We will address the noncompact case and see what are the appropriate questions and current developments.

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