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Graduate Student Seminar, 2004-2005

All talks are at 4:30 in HH229, unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker Title
Monday, August 30 Prof. Brian Hall A gentle introduction to symmetries and Lie groups
Monday, September 13 Dan Bates Polynomials in Practice
Monday, September 27 Ion Dinca Geometry of Quadrics
Monday, October 11 Wesley Calvert Hard
Monday, October 25 Ben Jones Geometry of Grassmanians
Monday, November 8 Julie Bergner An Introduction to Algebraic Theories
Monday, November 22 Heather Hannah On the Cauchy Problem for the KdV Equation
Monday, December 6 Cabral Balreira Global Injectivity as a Topological Phenomenon
Monday, January 17 - 5:00 Allegra Berliner For the love of manifolds
Monday, January 31 - 5:00 Matt Rissler Why it's good to be random and discrete
Monday, February 14 Gang Zhou The application of functional analysis in partial differential equations
Monday, February 28 Florin Dumitrescu Super-facets of geometry
Monday, March 14 Corbett Redden For what n is R^n a division algebra?
Monday, March 21 - 4:00 Abigail Mitchell A scenic route to rook theory
Monday, April 4 - 4:00 Mark Taber Water Waves
Monday, April 18 - 4:00 Sara Miller A brief history of computability
Monday, May 2 - 2:30 Jacob Heidenreich The Great Change: Mathematics at the Turn of the (Last) Century

The schedule for the 2003-2004 Graduate Student Seminar can be found here.

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