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Graduate Student Seminar, 2006-2007

All talks are at 4:00 in HH229, unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker Title
Monday, August 28 Prof. Fred Xavier A non-linear view of linear algebra
Monday, September 11 Ben Jones Topology of Flag Varieties
Monday, September 25 Allegra Berliner Simplicial complexes, PL manifolds, and the Hauptvermutung
Monday, October 9 Logan Axon Effective Randomness for Fun and Profit
Monday, October 23 Tanya Kazakova Number-theoretic consequences of ergodic theory
Monday, November 6 Sasha Lyapina The Variety of Lagrangian Subalgebras
Monday, November 20 Fang Qi Google's Pagerank Algorithm
Monday, January 22 Daniel Cibotaru Contact geometry and differential equations
Monday, February 5 Stuart Ambler Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Monday, February 19 Matt Rissler PseudoRandom Number Generators
Monday, March 5 Bonnie Smith The Integral Closure of Ideals and Fermat's Last Theorem
Monday, March 19 Jianfeng Zhu Reaction diffusion and pattern formation
Monday, April 2 Tom Edgar Root systems for the infinite dihedral group
Monday, April 16 Josh Cole Decidable and Undecidable Theories
Monday, April 30 Don Brower Minimally Interesting

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