EE 554 - Communication Networks
Spring 2005

Syllabus (pdf)
Instructor: Dr. Martin Haenggi
274 Fitzpatrick
631-6103 /
Class Hours: TH 02:00 - 03:15   DeBartolo 125
Textbook: No required text. Course materials and papers will be available.
Suggested reading: depending on background and experience in networking.
Topics covered:
  • review of networking fundamentals (OSI layers, TCP/IP)
  • queueing models and theory
  • network calculus (application of min-plus algebra to packet networks)
  • wireless networks: introduction, characteristics and design philosophy of existing protocols and technologies such as IEEE 802.11, GSM, IS-95, 3G, Bluetooth.
Projects: One presentation and one research project. Topics will depend on the student's interests.
Exams: Midterm and final exam
Grading: Homework: 10%
Midterms: 15+15%
Presentation: 10%
Project: 25%
Final: 25%
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