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Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
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University of Delaware, B.Ch.E. in Chemical Engineering


University of Illinois, M.S. in Chemical Engineering


University of Illinois, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering


Information about Chemical Engineering as a career

Opportunities and Challenges for Chemical Engineers (JPW, 2007)

Engineering and the World from the view of a Chemical Engineer (Summer í04)

Chemical Engineering and Careers for Chemical Engineers -- summer 2003

Overview of the chemical engineering profession and some information about careers.

The undergraduate chemical engineering program at Notre Dame.

Here are slides from a talk that I have given to students who are interested in engineering to provide more information about chemical engineering, Engineers, Chemical Engineers and Careers for Chemical Engineers.


Here is an essay that I have written for engineering students, and students who are interested in engineering that attempts to define who an engineer is, Defining engineers: How engineers think about the world.

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers has information about the chemical engineering profession and careers for chemical engineers on its web page.

Please visit the University of Notre Dame Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Homepage to find out about our graduate and undergraduate programs.

If you need Acrobat Reader to read the .pdf files, it can be downloaded free of charge.

Biomolecular Engineering


How does biomolecular engineering relate chemical engineering and why is it interesting?


Biomolecular Engineering option at Notre Dame



Research Interests

Fluid mechanics of multifluid flows, Reaction and transport behavior of gas-liquid flows in packed beds, Interphase mass and heat transfer, Interfacial waves, Atomization, Flow regimes in multifluid flows, Process fluid dynamics with environmental impact

Longer descriptions of the current research of my students and I can be found at the McCready research page. A more general description of the work in fluid dynamics by the department can be found on the complex fluids page. You may also find links to my colleagues David Leighton, Chia Chang, and Davide Hill interesting to peruse.

References on multifluid flows and related topics

You are welcome to download a searchable list (tab delimited) of the 900 reprints that I have in my files, most of which are on topics related to my research interests. I also have an html file with some specific references related to multifluid flow.

Selected talks, papers and presentations

Except for the video images, these items are available in "pdf" versions for download or viewing.


Climate Change

Propaganda about climate change: Is anyone really unbiased? (pdf)

Propaganda about climate change: Is anyone really unbiased? (ppt)

Gas-liquid flows and reaction in packed beds

Effect of Pulsing on Reaction Outcome in a Gas-Liquid Catalytic Packed-Bed Reactor (paper)

Origin of Pulsing in gas-liquid packed bed flows (paper)

Report on synthesis of a macroporous silica catalyst support to exploit mass transfer enhancement by fluid oscillations inside of pellets caused by pulsing flow (NSF Project report for award 0102911 NER:Designing Nanostructured Heterogeneous Catalysts)

Multifluid flows

Interfacial wave transitions in liquid-liquid flows and insight into flow regime transitions, (presented at the 18th Symposium on Energy Engineering Sciences meeting, May 15-16, 2000). Slides from the talk are also available. The movie for slide 18 rotating Couette flow, slide 29 weakly-nonlinear spectral simulation of Couette flow and slide 36weakly-nonlinear spectral simulation of Oil-Water channel flow are also available.

Mechanisms of atomization in fluid-fluid channel flows, (presented at annual IMuST meeting, March, 2000). The videos for slide 16, solitary waves in a gas-liquid flow, slide 30, rotating two-layer Couette flow and slide 32, atomization in a two-layer Couette flow are also available.

Comparison of flow regime transitions with interfacial wave transitions, (presented at annual IMuST meeting, March, 18, 1999). The videos for slide 18, rotating Couette flow and slide 28, weakly-nonlinear spectral simulation of Couette flow, are also available.

Interfacial waves in steady and oscillatory, two-layer Couette flows, (seminar presented at Virginia Tech, September, 18, 1998).

Mechamism of atomization in a two-layer Couette flow, (talk, presented at NASA's Fourth Microgravity Fluid Physics & Transport Phenomena Conference, Cleveland, August, 1998.) Excerpts from the video for this talk are also available.

Stability of oscillatory two-phase Couette flow: theory and experiment (abstract, paper has appeared: Physics of Fluids, 11, 833-844, 1999)

Interfacial waves in multifluid flows: Nonlinear spatial evolution (talk)
(presented at the C. -S. Yih Symposium at the University of Florida, June 22, 1998).

Formation of large disturbances in separated fluid-fluid flows (talk)

Laminar channel flow over long and moderate waves (paper)

Interfacial wave behavior in oil-water channel flows: Prospects for a general understanding (paper)

Education Interests

My education interests involve use of advanced mathematical packages such as Mathematica and Matlab to teach subjects such as fluid dynamics, transport phenomena and applied mathematics more effectively. I have produced a number of Mathematica modules that allow students to explore the physics of a number of fundamental flow problems and see how the mathematics is done. These may be useful to demonstrate the specific topic of the notebook or learn how to do manipulations and calculations in Mathematica.

I also have a continuing interest in the development of the chemical engineering curriculum so as to meet the changing requirements of industry and ABET while also providing students the best intrinsic education for a lifetime.


For Fall Semester 2005, I taught CBE 20255 Introduction to chemical engineering analysis.  Click here to go to the CBE Intro Homepage.

For Spring Semester 2005 I taught Heat and Mass Transport,  Transport Phenomena II, ChEg 356.  Click here to go to the Transport II Homepage.

Spring 2004 I taught Global Climate Change Click here to go to the Climate Change Homepage.

Another recent course

ChEg 355, Transport Phenomena I. Click here to go to the ChEg 355 homepage.

Teaching Undergraduate Fluid Dynamics

Use of Mathematica as a teaching tool for (computational) fluid dynamics and transport phenomena (Powerpoint presentation) or pdf file

Mathematica notebooks referred to in the presentation:

Finite difference and finite element solution to flow in a rectangular duct

Boundary-layer flow over a flat plate and wedge

Solution of the natural convection boundary-layer flow near a heated flat plate

Creeping Flow Past a Stationary Sphere

Effect of flow regime on pressure drop for two-phase flow in a channel

The links here are for Mathematica notebook format. Most of these are also available as html

Mathematica Notebooks

Additions and revisions occur regularly to this section.

I have included .pdf versions of these to look at on the Web or to print. If you need Acrobat Reader to read the .pdf files, it can be downloaded free of charge. However, you will need Mathematica, to run them or MathReader (which is available free of charge) to look at them interactively.

Send me email with your comments. I would like to make these as useful as possible to all interested people.

Multifluid and multiphase flows
ChEg 544: Graduate fluid dynamics course
ChEg 355: Transport Phenomena I (Undergraduate fluid dynamics course)
ChEg 358: Chemical Engineering Laboratory I (Information for the convection-radiation experiment)
ChEg 542: Applied mathematics I

Dimensional analysis


A dimensionless groups can be applied outside of engineering

A dimensionless proverb

Dimensionless California Governorís Election

Selected publications and proceedings


a. Interfacial mass transfer

b. Interfacial waves in multifluid flows

c. General multifluid flows

d. Oscillatory liquid membranes

e. Gas-liquid flows and reaction in packed beds




Kansas seminar in powerpoint

Kansas seminar in pdf