CBE 20255 - Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis

MWF 10:40-11:30

356A Fitzpatrick

Course Synopsis

This course introduces the topic of chemical engineering analysis that enables us to express engineering problems in precise quantitative terms.  This translation process, from physical system to mathematical description, will be emphasized throughout the course. The fundamental principles that will be used are the conservation laws of mass and energy adapted to the particular situations of interest. These may be closed systems (no flow into or out of the system boundaries) or open systems where such flows occur. We will deal with multicomponent systems, multiphase systems and the presence of chemical engineering. Example applications will include chemical processes, naturally occurring phenomena as well as biological and medical systems.  


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 Teaching Assistants

Course Grading



Hour tests (9/26,10/26)


Final Exam (12/16, 8 AM)



Homework is usually assigned as groups of problems that are due on Wednesday. 

Hw#1 Due 9/7/05

Hw#2 Due 9/14/05


Discussion Sections

Discussion sections will meet approximately every other week and will be used for introducing example problems and answering questions related to homework.

Lecture/Discussion Material

Iterative numerical solution notes: Antoine.nb

Study Guides

Homework questions

HW#1 Questions

Homework solutions 

"Minute" Quiz questions and answers

Tests from previous years:

Test #1, Fall, 2001


Test #2, Fall, 2001



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