ChEg 355

Fall 2000

Last homework (hints)

Due December 7, 2000


Problems in Middleman's book:


9.7 (No hint needed, just use boundary-layer drag law)

9.17 (use a linear spring relation.)

11.3 (Use the macroscopic momentum equation because a force is asked for.)

11.5 (You need to consider pressure force on annular edge of tube as well as the shear force inside the tube. You will need the Bernoulli equation, the mass balance and the momentum equation.)

11.19 Correct the problem statement to read "…constant at 17 ft above the level of the reservoir (Use the Bernoulli equation as is done in examples 11.3.2 and 11.3.3.)

11.24 (see section 11.4.1. Note the different physical properties for He.)


Questions within boundarylayer.nb (These are all answered in the notebook.)