Global Climate Change

TH: 9:30 - 10:45

242 Debartolo

Professor: Mark McCready (CBE)


Course Synopsis

This course integrates the principles of physical sciences and engineering as they pertain to global change and the environment, with additional discussion of social and political concerns. We analyze the complex couplings and feedback mechanisms that operate between the geosphere, the biosphere, the atmosphere, and the hydrosphere as related to global climate change.  Engineering analysis will be used to provide quantitative understanding of the individual components and how the components work to make the climate system.

Goals, Overview and Syllabus


Mark J. McCready
Room 182A Fitzpatrick Hall. email:


Teaching Assistants

Lecture #1 Global Climate Change Intro

Lecture #3 Energy balance model of the earth (Mathematica)

Lecture #5 Carbon Balance and model in Mathematica

Lecture #6-#7

Spectral Analysis

Correlation dimension and nonlinear analysis

Integration of the Lorenz equations






Reading assignments

Homework#1  Due 1/22/04

Homework#2, Due 1/29/04 – see Lecture 3 above

Homework#3, Due 2/5/04 – see Lecture 5 above

Homework#5  Due 3/25/04


Missed jokes 


Y10K bug:  ND MBA web recommendation form.  I had to enter the “date” that I filled out the application.  I did not know they made computers that did not know the time and date.  I guess they are worried about the Y10K bug!   I should have entered 1/12/1896 to see what would have happened.



Old lectures:

Energy balance model of the earth (html)

Excel Spreadsheet for energy balance model

Extra Instructions for the Energy Balance Spreadsheet.


Lecture 1/31, 2/5 Global Circulation, Little Ice Age, Carbon Cycle

Carbon dioxide, Infra-red spectra web site at Widener University


Carbon cycle Mathematica Notebook with Homework for 3/7/02

HTML version of the carbon balance notebook. You can view but not calculate anything


Lecture 2/21/02: The Greenhouse Gases


Lecture 2/26/02: Aerosols [pdf]

Aerosols [html]


Lecture 3/05/02: Radiative Forcing

Lecture 3/07/02: Aerosol formation and effect on climate

Lecture 3/19/02: History of the Earth's climate

Lecture 3/21/02: Ocean lecture

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