Images and video of waves


Images These show the transition from two-dimensional to three dimensional waves. (from video by W. C. Kuru)


Video (Most of these are about 3 Mb and thus take a while to download.)


Steady flows

Video of Herringbone, the first global instability that we see leading to 3-dimensional waves (W. C. Kuru)

Video of the herringbone breaking down. (W. C. Kuru)

Video of 3D waves. (W. C. Kuru)

The transition can also be caused by local instabilities. Defects, which start as inlet noise, and then grow in magnitude can also cause instability. (W. C. Kuru)

The waves in the rotating, two-liquid Couette device. (C. T. Gallagher)

Solitary waves that occur at high gas velocities in a gas-liquid channel flow (C. -A. Peng, L. A. Jurman).


Oscillatory flows

Video of oscillatory forcing in the two-(matched density) liquid Couette device. This movie shows the development of waves, which reach a steady amplitude. (video by M. R. King)